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Its time to do something positive around here. This post will be a little long, so I would appreciate it brother if you can let it stay here for the next week.

For those of you who read the USA Today paper, you may recall that next Saturday, the 24th, is "Make a Difference Day". Let me suggest something how we as a Spyder community can make a difference.

Back last April or May, our friend Forrest (effgjamis) from Kissimmee, FL. held a contest to name his matching bike and trailer for a prize of $20 or so. My suggestion won: Sunny and Share. I told Forrest I didn't need the money, to pay it forward to a local church or homeless shelter. And he did. I hope Forrest writes in (I'm sure he will) and relay how and what happened.

Anyway, at the Owner's Rally in LA last June, I suggested to Forrest that we organize a charity for hunger and the homeless called "YNOT". We already have the Y-factor so... YNOT. BRP is interested in our suggestion but I have not followed through like I should yet.

Here's the idea: This is a "Pay It Forward" strategy, literally and subjectively. Homeless and hunger are two common problems in every country, every city, and quite likely in every extended family. It will never go away, never be resolved permanently. However, for one day, the Spyder community can deliver food from their trunks (pay it forward...literally) to a homeless shelter or hungry family(s) in their communities. No money will be exchanged, only goods which will be donated by the individual Spyder enthusiasts/owners. It is a message that can easily be extended to the road loving community of 2, 3, or 4 wheeled vehicles with the right spark and the right voice.

So, next Saturday, put 3 items of non-perishable food in your trunk and deliver it to a hungry family, homeless shelter, or a church that serves the hungry. With 3 bikes, you can deliver 3 times as much!

Its easy!

I made this suggestion to BRP Corporate but haven't followed through on this yet. I would like to see if we as a community can rally ourselves together for something positive as much as we do for something negative.

Can we do it people?

Brian Zane aka "Desert Spyder"
Barstow, CA.
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