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I bought the Spyder sight unseen, and the first time I actually saw one in person was the day I picked it up at the closest dealership. (600 miles from home)
I really have to hand it to BRP, NICE WORK!

Pictures don't do the Spyder justice. You can spend an hour looking at it from every angle and not get tired of it.

The one thing that immediately had to go were the huge, in your face, "CAN-AM" Stickers. With careful use of a heat gun they were off.

The fit and finish is first rate. The power is really good. The brakes are fantastic. It is really cool not having to worry about locking them up if you need to stop quickly. The looks of bewilderment from other drivers is amusing. It is added to by the fact that since the CAN-AM stickers have been removed it is even harder to tell what it is.

While I was taking some pictures of it on the second ride., I noticed A little boy, Maybe 5 years old watching from a distance. After I finished taking the pictures and was putting the camera away the little boy walked up slowly. His eyes were fixed on the Spyder, were wide open, and the size of silver dollars. I was dressed for the 40 Degree weather with my helmet on. I asked him, "Do you like it"? He slowly nodded his head, looked up at me and asked, "Where did you come from"? :eek:
It was one of the cutest things I have ever seen.

Only a couple of hundred miles on it so far, and it looks like it will be parked for a while. We now have snow on the ground, and more is coming.
No problems to report. I am looking forward to some warmer weather...
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