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You should NOT stand for that crap.
If it is still riding OK, the repair should take no more than an hour.
They should start a list and call YOU to make an appointment when the parts arrive.
I would be tempted to talk to the OWNER......and then call BRP to complain.

This is kind of like telling you that you must bring your vehicle in and leave it to have new tires mounted.
And they will get to it whenever it is convenient for THEM.
Bunch of bull crap.
Yep! That's it here too. My service manager and I had some extedned correspondence about waiting up to 7 hours for a 60 minute job. It appeared that I was a nuisence customer expecting a time for drop-of to matcn their time of actual repair. I made the 'making an appointment ' case and was treated very well. Next appointment was for a 60K km service with tyres, alignment and a couple of little fitment jobs and I had to leave the bike for two days. Ho hum! Still, I like them and there has never been any dissatisfaction from me regarding the quality of their workmanship. Let's not mention the $s.
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