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Which windscreen seems best?

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I definitely want a taller windscreen, or better yet an adjustable one. It seems there are a lot of options out there. I was looking an an adjustable one from F1-Is it any good? I had an adjustable screen on my Honda Silverwing scooter, and liked it.

I would welcome others comments as to what has worked best for them.

The Givi that was on the Spyder I bought had a GIvi, but it simply adds a lot of noise and has the wind directed almost midface(shield).
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I definitely want a taller windscreen, or better yet an adjustable one. .
If you follow the forums you will find that no other subject seems to bring so many different opinions than that windscreens.

In my opinion we are all different sizes and have different riding positions so for a windscreen to be "all things to all people" it really needs to be completely adjustable in angle and height.

I have tried several including CHAD but find the Madstad system the best (and cheapest) by far.

As Mark says on his web site-
" This is a complete drop-in system custom made for the Can-Am Spyder. The base is a black powder-coated aluminum adapter plate that replaces the stock windshield. A set of black RoboBrackets attaches to that metal plate and then a 20" windshield attaches to the brackets. With the windshield 'detached' from the fairing you now have control over the height, angle and depth of the shield. The results? Smooth airflow placed exactly where you want it. There's no longer a need to hide behind a gigantic fixed touring shield that robs you of mileage and spoils the open air motorcycling experience.
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Just a quick note as to the windshield I bought. I was looking on eBay for one and found a GIVI for $100 plus $22 shipping, and was going to buy. Thought I should check and see what a new one would cost. Found the same windshield at for $126 and free shipping. That's the one I bought. much better than the stock "windshield".
Hi Guys,
Now, being on an RT, this looks interesting, but has no practical use for me... My son however is in the middle of negotiating with his Mom and girlfriend regarding the ownership of an RS. Does this adjust "on the fly", or is it a manual deal once the wheels stop turning?

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