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I thought the same thing when I saw the trailer hitch. If there is a way to build the hitch, then there has got to be a way to fabricate a folding chair holder. I think the key is just finding the mounting point to build from. The design of the actual chair holder is almost secondary. There are probably quite a few that would work fine. Did you see the two pictutes of examples I posted in the other thread?

I agree with your concept of a left side mount. I was sorta visualizing the rear axels of both the bike and chair being kinda lined up, with the chair being just high enough to give okay ground clearance.

Good luck to you and Mel. Trust me, there are a lot of folks who appreciate your efforts and will be watching for any news.

Now if we could just get the delivery date of the semi auto trans model moved up. The current November 2008 means it will be at least another year of just deaming for me.

Oh well... one of the 1st things you learn when starting to use a chair, is patience.

Good Luck...

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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