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West Coast Spyder Event –San Diego 2009

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West Coast SpYder and SoCal SpYder RyDers

Presents West Coast SpYder Event - San Diego 2009

When – July 22 – 25, 2009

Where - San Diego Calif.

4 days of riding, dinning, site seeing and meeting other Spyder Ryders.
This is a grass roots event and is being held as a pay as you go event. May choose your activities by signing up, some by posted deadlines some the day of the activities.

•3 days of tour rides – Paid Tours
• Mountains
• Deserts
• Lakes
• Shoreline

3 days of free escorted rides to different entertainment parks or Family venues, each person is responsible for all fees required. We will get you there and back
(Just to name a few)
• San Diego Zoo – Family Fun
• Sea World – Family Fun
• Sea Port Village – Shopping
• Midway Exhibit – Retired naval ship
• Balboa Park – museums

Dinner for group gathering on Thurs. and Fri.
Sat will be either BBQ lunch or dinner – TBD
There will be a host hotel that will be discounted to Spyders Ryders and dealer discounts from host dealer.

The activities are not set in stone but at least there is a starting point.

RSVP and more information on BRP’s Spyder Ryder Site.

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