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warranty work-steering,brakes

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Just got the Spyder done at the local dealer and thought I'd share what I found:

The steering re-cal (via laptop) went well until restart. They got a code telling them the CPU was shot and to replace it. Hmmmm... A call to the mfg and the mechanic learned you must put a charger on the battery during the reprogramming of the CPU or the error will come up. He used a 1A trickle charger and it worked fine.

The brakes were squealing something awful! 2K miles on the rig and each time I stopped it sounded like a cat being run over! This was also covered under warranty and the "remedy" was some sort of anti-squeal applied to the pads.

The ride home showed no noticeable difference in steering (note: I had not encountered the steering "hump" on my bike) so that was good. BUT, coming to a stop when I got home and guessed it...SQUEEEEEEEEEEEL! Crap. Looks like they'll be replacing the pads with some good aftermarket brand next.

Keep 3 down,

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they need to shamfer the edges of the brake pads both leading and trailing edges
Get rid of the brake noise by applying silicone to the back side of the pads. As far as aftermarket pads, none are available uet, EBC is working on them but they haven't released the pads yet.
squealing brakes are nothing new+

:) Any good automotive store has 200 different knids of stop squealing stuff. most are silicone. chafering the edges won't stop the squealing. The noise is caused by the brake backing plate rubbing against the puck. Unless you running a metalic bad. which case the most simplist fix is to use a touch of valve lapping compound on the rotor and pad, make sure you clean the area after your done.
works great on Harleys, Honda and corvettes my guess is spyders also..
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