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vss info.

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The VSS ( Vehicle stability system ) is very sensitive. I have a few spyders with complaints of VSS failure on the gauge. On a couple occasions, the alignment was off very slightly, virtually unnoticeable without the b.u.d.s. software. In these cases, we had to perform an alignment procedure and reset the DPS offset angle sensor. This fixed the issue. A couple other VSS issues were caused by the front tire pressures being incorrect. They were different by 2 psi, this was enough to cause the message to appear. The sensors for the VSS are extremely sensitive. It is very important to keep an eye on the tire pressures to prevent any fault codes from appearing and keep the vehicle with the appropriate traction. Front tire psi is 15 +/- 2 psi and the rear is 28 +/-2 psi. Just be sure the front tires are the same.
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it isn't sensitive where high pressures will throw a code necessarily, it's sensitive to where uneven pressures can throw a code. and this is just the 1/2 dozen with vss codes that our shop has worked on, i can't speak for all. I'm not saying that if your pressures are off, codes will appear. i am just trying to help people self diagnose their spyders with out having to go through the hassle of bringing it to the shop and be without their spyders for a few days. this is just a few inside pointers from a tech's experience.
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