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Varkie the paraplegic...

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hi to all

I am from South Africa. I have been riding motorcycles for the past 20 years and had a bike accident in 2006, which left me paralized from the naval down. :( I have been investigating various forms of trikes, and almost jumped up and down in my wheelchair when I read about the Spyder. :) It is stable, have a bike engine and can handle - all my criteria rolled into one!:D Will need to make a few modifications to accomodate my wheelchair and fasten my feet with velcro - else they will be flapping in the wind...not a good thing...Only problem with the Spyder is its price - bit steep for me at this stage, but hopefully I will be able to afford one in the near future.

Thats me. And Varkie is my nickname in Afrikaans, which means Piglet...

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floto612...Paraplegic Spyder Ryder

Hello Varkie,

I'm up here in central Canada, in the province of Ontario.

Had a motorbike accident 35 years ago, leaving me a complete T 12.

Got into a Goldwing a number years ago, putting a sidecar on it and building an electric over air shifter myself. Sidecar was great for holding my wheelchair and luggage. But I did want a sports bike, and along came the Spyder.

My dealer got me involved with BRP and I was very lucky to get one of the very first Spyders, back in Nov. 2007. I built my own brake conversion, floorboards (no velcro), shifting system and wheelchair mount. You can send me your email in a Private Message, and I will send you my designs. Nothing fancy, but I know have over 22,000 km of open road enjoyment!

A very rewarding thing for me, is helping others with disabilites, to enjoying the open road experience of the Spyder. Today, I have been in contact and helped 31 folks, pardon the pun, step onto a Spyder.

When the time comes, pop me a private email and I send you what I have.

Keep well, floto612


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