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Utopia for RTS

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We talked with Utopia Backrest , the best rest on the market,about a backrest for her new RTS they are waiting for someone to send their seat [at a substantial savings] so they can prototype one for the new RTS,since we live in Southeast Texas and ride year round,I requested the first production model in hopes someone in a more inclimate winter would send theirs, my wife is not willing to part with her seat yet. For anyone unfamillar ,I have a Utopia on my Venture, and my wife had on both of her Goldwing Trikes and they are great completely adjustable, first quality.He guaranteed in on monday out by next monday.
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WE need to find someone in the snow country that would give up their seat for a week to send to Utopia for the back rest! BTW, what venture do you have? I sold mine because of hand and leg problems and looking at a RT. Do you belong to
2007 Midnight Venture

I bought my Venture on Feb.5 2008 , it now has 59,000 mi. is the most comfortable bike I have ever owned, I ride it daily to commute 40 mi. one way and have ridden it cross country a coupe of times,to Dragon etc., now with the RTS and cargo trailer I am pulling our bunkhouse camper , just installed electric brakes to trailer and controls to my bike yesterday. I have pulled it in the past but now will be all the time I wanted the brakes. By the Way I have owned, BMW, Honda ,Suzuki, Yamaha, and a Kawasaki Concours,probably the best all around bike I ever owned , And now Can Am for the wife including two Trikes for her a 2000 Motortrike, 2007 Champion Goldwings, we dont discriminate if it has wheels one of us will ride it.
I received and installed my Utopia backrest last night. It took about 1 hr. start to finish. The hardest thing about the install was getting the seat bolts back in and tightened. I took the advise of some of the others and after getting the bolts in tightened them from the top.
I love the way the backrest looks, and the workmanship is excellent. There is plenty of adjustment and after this mornings ride to work I'd say this is a winner.
Thanks to all who shared their experiences. I would reccomend this mod to anyone who loves to sit in a lazyboy


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