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Update On Aftermarket Accessories

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Hello All,

Just wanted to give everyone an update on our progress with the aftermarket pars. This past week we made templates on different areas of the spyder to offer REAL carbon fiber overlays. These will be offered in 3 different kits, each having more pcs. We developed an axle nut cover that fastens with 3 set screws. It 's a two pc cover with socket head cap screws around the perimeter. We are working on a 2" and 3" riser with the possibility of the 3" having a slight pull back. And lastly, a rear peg riser that raises the passenger pegs 3". It is basically a spacer that will use the existing peg and mounting hardware.

We have also been throwing the idea around of customizing rear fenders per each customer. We would take your fender, water jet the desired design, adhere a Stainless Steel Mesh to the underside of the fender, and return ready to bolt back on.

We also have had requests for REAL carbon fiber hoods. We are more than happy to do something along these lines so long as we had a certain number of commited individuals. Once i have an established number, i can give an accurate price. Please let me know your thoughts.

Thank you very much,
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Hi. I am in for anything carbon fiber, but real replacement panels, not overlays.
Fender redesign

Damian...Charliebrown here...Ref your rear fender redesign. Im for that.:)Design a full length fender to hook to the shock base. This design would divert the wheel debris...Contact me at [email protected] so we can discuss this. I get lost in these forums for the replies.:(
Carbon Fiber

I took the black panels off my spyder and had a company do a carbin fiber film ofer them came out really nice better than I thought It would the company is If and one wants to see just send me an e-mail at [email protected] and i can send a pic if you go to there site you can see the colors they have to offer they use to do camo golf cart bodys for me so I thought what the hell

How about posting your pictures here for everyone?:)
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