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Trailer Module Issue

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I posted earlier we took my wifes RTS to get C.B. installed {did not come in}and to have short to trailer module & reverse actuator looked at, It was repaired quickly ,module was BAD, grounded , no short in wiring found after seeing was a very basic plug and play almost no way to pinch wiring, thankfully dealer had another hitch to rob module from, they are still waiting on a blue trailer. Pulled the trailer the three hours back seems fine now.Note: even when module failed and blew fuse still had brake lights, no running or turn signals and assume trailer was not being recognized by bike,not issue bike is std. trans.Our best friend picked her new RTS Wed. an Auto. clutch elec. shift seems to be excellent clutch management ,very smooth shifting and perfect takeoffs,system seems flawless.
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good to hear you made it home with out turn signals pulling a trailer. I ordered the BRP Spyder RT2010 manual in CD format, and tried it out looking up what a reverse actuator was, with in seconds it went to the page talking about how to fix or replace. Wow technology!

I have an SE5 and love it, gonna get the trailer probably,but gotta wait and see if I will be hauling on trips. Was there any issues when passing Semi's, with out trailer I am ok, did you notice anything pulling or is it solid too?
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