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Touring and trip information

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I'm John, and just put my deposit down on 4-26-08. They say July, but after reading delivery issues, I'll be patient. Bacause of back and hip issues I've come real close to buying a trike conversion. My test drive this weekend convinced me of the Spyder technology as I tried to ride it on 2 wheels, and it simply handled it at every speed from 20 mph to 50 mph. The maneuvers I tried would've been disastrous on any of the traditional trike conversions.

I've put 20K miles on my HD in the last two years on just weekend riding. Here in Alabama, we only have 2 months of winter so we have plenty of time to rack up the miles. If you can't ride 5K a year on weekends, then you're only an owner, not a rider (IMO).

I'm interested in upgrades and mods for touring.
Backrest, luggage racks
Highway pegs
Trailer hitch

I've found many links to new after-market products here already. Thanks in advance for the research done by others.

Where is a good site to read/post stories and pictures of events and trips beside this forum?

If you have news for the Southeast, or general info regarding after-market products, please feel free to email me.

[email protected]
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Thanks for your note and your questions. I have been riding motorcycles continuously for over 40 years. (I grew up in Tuscaloosa and now live in SoCal.) My Spyder is just about accessorized with: FI windshield (talk to Marcel about your height, inseam, typical riding, etc. and he will customize a windshield for you. My F1 windshield allows lots of air circulation when underway but has an uncanny dead airspace just about exactly at eye level. I have a Russell Day-Long Saddle and find that this saddle allows my brain to tell me when I have ridden enough for one day and not my aching butt. I have the BRP rear rack that can be utilized with a BRP backrest which I have yet to install since Evoluzione has a rear rack coming out of their "skunk works" that will allow me to mount one of my GIVI bags as a rear trunk with a backrest, instead. I would like to mount hard saddlebags that are color coordinated with my Spyder at some time in the future. Also, I have yet to mount the mirror extensions sold by Kewlmetalworks that will get the mirrors out more where they need to be for optimal rear vision. Hope you enjoy your Spyder as much as I am enjoying mine. Happy riding!
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A little more info on upgades


You sound like you may have done this before.

I am interested in getting my bike ready for longer runs-like cross country. I put on the extended Can Am windshield and while better than stock it is a far cry from what I need. I need one of those F1 windshields and now know where to get it.

How about more info on the mirror extenders which I also need. I tried to google kewlmetalworks but got nothing.

I also hope you share any info you have on a better luggage arrangement. Sounds like you are on track there too. I have the add on bag that sits on the passenger seat and while it is a nice design I was hoping to add more capacity.

Any help you can give would be appreciated. I am a novice at this having ridden my first motor bike a few months ago at the ripe old age of 59. I guess I am a late bloomer huh?
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