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2017 Can Am F 3 Limited 6 speed
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Any chance of putting up a ride report forum. Members could report on their ride and post up some photos.

Well here in New Zealand There are not too many Spyders. First time I have seen more than 2 at a time.

Yeah I cheated a bit. Managed to join a huge meet up and lunch ride to Cheltenham, Manawatu, NZ

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Motor vehicle

Here is one of central North Island. Ruapehu in the background. 2 ski fields up there.
Tire Sky Wheel Fuel tank Automotive tire

and when I flew down to the South island and rode it home via a ferry.

Fley down and rode part way home. At the motel with my new to me ride.

Plant Automotive tire Road surface Infrastructure Asphalt

Picton about to depart to Wellington .

Water Sky Cloud Water resources Boat

Made it home. That mountain is up North from my place.

Sky Mountain Plant Building Cloud

So ...How about it?

Members if you like the idea jump in and support this.
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