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Hi everyone,
This is my first post so please bear with me.
Right now I ride an '06 400cc Suzuki Burgman scooter. I have had it for about 3 years and have been happy with it. I now feel like I am ready for something bigger and better. I first saw a Spyder a few years ago and wanted one then but figured since I had never ridden a bike that I should take it slow. Now I am ready to move up. I was considering a Honda Shadow but then I saw a picture of a Spyder again and knew that I wanted to try and find one. I think my husband and I are going to go to a dealer this weekend so I can atleast sit on one and see how it feels. I just wanted to introduce myself and see if anyone else had went from a smaller bike or scooter to a Spyder. I wanted to see if you were happy with your decision. I know the gas mileage won't be as good but I am willing to make that sacrifice.
I found one in our local paper. It is an '08 with 3100 miles and they are only asking $5800 for it. The person says that they got it in a divorce settlement. When we asked to come and see it we got some lame story about it being in another state and how they need our address and name before they go any further. Said that after they got our information they would post it on ebay and we can make our transaction thru that site.
Sounds a little fishy to me. What do you think?
Thanks for the help!

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My vote is fishy too.....

My method on this type of thing is to say "No problem, where is it? I have friends all over and am sure I could get one to look at it, and if you have the title they'll pay you and pick it up right away."

So far 100% of the time, they have stopped talking to me when I say, "No problem, where is it......"

You do have friends all over.... this forum has people all over the county :) Also, most places are only a quick Southwest flight away!

I used to run a Dodge Viper site, I've seen every scam in the book on that sites classifieds. Sadly, there are a lot of bad people out.

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I switched from a Honda Silverwing scooter

I love my Spyder, but it is a slow process getting used to the Spyder versus the scooter due to the riding position. I have all but the seat width taken care of, and I am afraid that will simply be a matter of my muscles adjusting to the wide seating position, since there is no aftermarket solution,

I added running boards and different handlebars to adjust to a more upright position, though the RT should take care of that without and changes.

The scooter allowed me to ride in a number of different leg positions, and I am much more limited with the Spyder. I am enjoying the spyder a lot, and the more I ride it the better I like it.

Be sure you take a long test ride, especially coming from a scooter , whose riding position is totally different, as well as there being a CVT versus a semi- automatic if you go that route.

I will be curious to see how you make out with the change should you make it.
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