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The Test Ride

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Well I got my test ride. I rode a Black/Grey Spyder. Had a lot of miles it already. I test rode it in Minnesota. The dealer only had two Spyders so we had to follow a guy from the dealer in his truck. We chose to do the country ride over the city ride. He took us out of town and then to some side country rodes. I jerked the thing all over the rode to see what the limits were or if I would scare myself...Never happened. The Spyder rode and handled much like my 2004 Ski Doo 600 SDI Rev snowmobile...Which I love the handling of. I layed rubber with it very easily. I ran it up to 110 mph....Which the literature says it shouldn't do...but it did do. The ride is so smooth and silky. Rides better than 80% of the cars out there!!! It was that good!! The brakes were impressive as well. I pushed the single foot brake peddle hard(no handle bar brakes...foot brake controls all three wheels) at 65mph and it didn't screech or lockup. It sure stopped fast, very fast and staight. The engine is smooth and reved freely.

This is a motorcycle that gets looks. Everyone that see's it or you drive by just stares. We had people follow us and try to stop us. If you don't want any attention...Then don't get one.

My complaints were that the windscreen was useless. Just had that little sport windshield on it. My right foot got very hot. They need to rework the radiator ducting a little more. If you move you foot back so the the ball of your food is on the peg then you don't get the heat. So they are close but not quite right. With all the electronics it should have an electronic cruise control as well. Another complaint was the stock muffler doesn't do the sound of the motor any justice. I would opt for the optional sport muffler and get a sound that matches the looks. My only other complaint was the throttle pull was harder than it should be. My wrist got sore very quickly.

Our dealer is just a small one and they have already sold 7 of them.

I am going to wait a year until I order one...But I will be getting one.:)
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One thing I forgot to mention was the computer was having issues on both test ride Spyders. The first time you turned it on it gave all kinds of errors and wouldn't allow you to start it. Turned it off and turned it on and it would work. Not really sure what was wrong or functions that got disabled. All I know is I could still lay lots of rubber!!
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