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The riding is fine in Arizona...

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Was just finishing my morning yard chores and the weather forecast was looking awesome, mid 80's, no wind and sunny blue skies. Asked my bride if she want to take the Spyder for a nice ride and some lunch and she jumped at the chance. Left at 1045 and we rode from our home in Payson Arizona {5,000'} the 50 miles down to Roosevelt Lake to have lunch at Finch's just above the marina a mile south of the dam. It was 82 degrees all the way but looking to warm up even more.

In the last 10 years of riding I have never seen more bikes, trikes and even a few Spyder out enjoying the glorious day. After dropping down from Payson on the Beeline Highway we headed southeast to the lake on 188 passing through Jakes Corner and on to Punkin Junction. The 188 skirts the western shore of Roosevelt Lake for 26 miles and is just about everyone's favorite bike route. Arriving at 1130 the place was packed with dozens of bikes. When I pulled in and parked there was my old riding buddies BMW and we enjoyed a nice lunch catching up with Alex.

After some of the best Brisket ever we headed home and the temp was pushing 87 and climbing. Passing back through jakes Corner there must have been a hundred bikes with folks packing the local bar and spilling out into the parking lot. Those who weren't headed for the lake were all blasting back up the Beeline to ride north to Pine, Strawberry and Happy Jack or heading east out of Payson bound for the Mogollon Rim {7,700'}. It is a treat to live where most of the year we have some of the best riding in Arizona right out of our driveway.

We're headed over to the Colorado River just north of Parker at Buckskin Mountain State Park on Monday for 3 days of more riding fun. A trip up to Oatman to play with the wild Burros will be a nice 160 mile jaunt on some of the finest old Route 66 out of Topock. The next day will be a run up to Laughlin {200 miles roundtrip} to try our luck in a couple of Casinos. The loop from camp over the Parker dam and then south along the California side of the river to Parker will be the Wednesday ride featuring lots of twisties and more wild Burros. Thursday we'll load up the Spyder in my 6 X 10' {8' tall} cargo trailer behind our 24' Class motorhome and head back up the mountain to Payson {250 miles}. Spring has sprung and the best of the riding season is upon us...Woo Hoo!!!

My 2017 Spyder RT and my bride of 52 years in the background getting more pics of Roosevelt Lake:

Tire Wheel Sky Water Vehicle

The wild Burros of Oatman {Old Route 66}:

Cloud Sky Mountain Working animal Building

The view of highway 260 from the top of the Mogollon Rim east of Payson:

Cloud Sky Plant community Azure Mountain

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Thank you for this post. Nice to see other Spyder lovers out enjoying the nice weather. Good pictures too.
Sounds really groovy, here in BC there are lots of bikes out but it isn’t warm yet, freezing at night where I live, hardly breaking 40F daytime temps.
eagerly waiting delivery of our new Sea to Sky
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