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Spyder Slider Windshield Review

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A month ago I decided I didn’t want to wait for the C.H.A.D windshield and made the decision to call Marcel July ( and order his new Slider. He said it would take a minimum of 3 to 4 weeks before I would receive it. I ordered the tall one, dark smoke with side extensions since I have the Kewl Metal mirror extensions. He also agreed not to charge my credit card until it was ready to ship.

I returned home last evening after a short vacation and the windshield was sitting on my front porch. 4 weeks after placing my order.

The box was shipped via DHL and arrived in very good condition. The windshield was wrapped and packed very well and included 4 mounting screws. Marcel had previously explained to me how to install it when he called to say it was ready to ship and I provided him with my credit card number.

With my wife helping hold it, the install went very smooth and all the holes lined up with no force required. I am glad I asked for the extension for the mirrors because it provides a more finished look.

It was already dark out but I still wanted to try it out. It was also only 37 degrees!

With the slide down, the wind is similar to the stock windshield, which is what I wanted and expected. I cruised around at 45 mph with it down and my visor down. Everything felt good with a noticeable reduced wind noise.

I then extended it all the way up and jumped on the expressway. WOW! FANTASTIC! The wind went up and over my helmet! I even put my visor UP and actually preferred it that way. I had more wind noise with my visor down! I did notice a very, ever so slight suction or pulling effect on my body towards the shield. I also noticed that my hands were nicely protected by the extensions. My line of sight with it extended is over the shield, just like it should be.

I am extremely pleased with this windshield and together with my new thermal suit (thanks Deb) I will be able to extend my ryding season!
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