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Spyder Seating...

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Hey Folks...I'm hoping for a bit of advice on the Spyders seating. I've been a T6 paraplegic for the last 4 years and have wanted to get back into motorcycling...A trike seemed like my only option until I heard of these absolutely modern marvels...Bit more expensive down here in my neck of the woods ($32K for the auto) but still a better option then a standard trike. Any T6, or thereabouts, paras who have looked at the seating issue and have any advice on additional support......
Thanks guys....any advice appreciated:D
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Sitting position for Paraplegics on the Spyder....

Hello to KiwiSpyder in New Zealand!!

Wow....that much for this Spyder in New Zealand....wondering if you can buy the US verision and have it shipped over, possibly save a bundle.

Anyway, floto612 here, the Paraplegic Spyder Ryder from Canada.

I'm a T-12 Para, so I have a bit more to go with as for stomach muslces, but my friend is a T-6 and rides a Honda Valkrye with a sidecar. I too have a Goldwing with a sidecar, but parked it once the Spyder came in. Both my friend and I were strong, good,wide and thick kidney belts. This will help you HUGE, as it will keep you straight and feeling greatly supported and yet flexible enough to load your wheelchair and get comfortable in the saddle.

Balance is an issue to contend with KiwiSpyder, so practice getting on and off a show room demo Spyder a few times. I am sure you will get very comfortable with the Spyder. I lift myself on first, fromt he left side, lift once more to get to the back to the Spyder saddle, then reach and pull my right leg over the tank into the floorboards I fabricated. Fold up my chair, mount it on my 'hanger'....then 'belt up' and I am gone. Over 12,500 kilometers so far, or about 7,000 miles in the past four months.

Your spring is just about to arrive, so I do wish you success towards your new adventures on a Spyder. If I can help, let me know. I can send photos of my mods on seperate private emails, as the size of them to get the details are too large for this forum. all the best from floto612
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