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Spyder paintin'

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Hey all,

I haven't noticed too many custom painted Spyders around the web. Seems a shame to have all that great canvas on our rides and not utilize it!
I am not sure if this is the correct forum to let you know but for all you Arizona area riders, there is a custom airbrush artist in Phoenix who does great work., airbrush, custom paint, Custom Bike Paint
I have used him for my Harley (pic is on his site) and was tickled pink with the results. I am sure he can do a bang-up job on a Spyder!
Give his site a browse.
Wouldn't this look killer on a black Spyder?

And, no...I don't get any kickbacks from the guy! LOL!

(Spyderman, if this post needs to be in another area, please feel free to do whatever you need to do!)

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paintin costs

Do ya'll mind posting what these beautiful paint jobs cost? Of course they'll be different for each location, but I was just wondering what it might cost me for some customizing. I'm still loving the silver and black, but would love to customize one day. Thanks for any info ya'll provide.
I am not sure on price but I seem to remember him painting up Yahama Rhino's for around four bills...don't quote me though.
Check out this:

Wouldn't this "smoke" look great on a red Spyder? I am seriously thinking about getting mine done. I was very pleased with my Harley that he did and I think this would be too cool on my new ride!

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I thought about painting my Can Am but now that vinyl wraps are getting more and more popular (and more devloped) I'm going to go that route just in case I ever want to sell it.
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