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I have only 120 miles on the SE5, and was caught in Orange County traffic. When driving on the freeway, the temp showed 4 bars, but in stop-and-go, it rose to 5 and 6 bars, and I think there are only 7 bars. I checked the coolant, and it was full-----do you think these Spyders run a bit hot? Could it be that it ran hot because it's new? Since it ran at 4 bars on the freeway, this would indicate that the water pump is ok. Please let me know your experiences with heating---and any advice----don't want to burn it up.....Ev
Since no one has responded......
Is the cooling fan coming on? My guess is it isn't. It should come on at about 5 bars and go off at about 4 bars. If it's not then......
The most common cause of that is the fan relay. Open the trunk and then find the fuses and relays up under the cover there on the right. Inside are 3 relays. As you look at them from the front of the Spyder there is one on the left and two on the right. The fan relay is the one on the right bottom. Exchange it with the one on the right top which is the headlight relay. If the fan now comes on when the engine gets to 5 bars then you've found the problem.

Now, do the headlights still work? If so then maybe the relay just didn't have a good connection there at the box but if not then take it to the dealer and have them replace the headlight relay.

Now, on the way back from the dealer or even if everything seems to be working......stop by Autozone and pick up a Duralast 19271 41-5100 relay and put it in the trunk because if that relay on the left goes out then nothing works on the Spyder.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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