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New article on Can Am Spyder Delivery:


November 4, 2007

Tour News

Dear Spyder roadster customer:

Every buyer wants to take delivery of his or her new Can-Am™ Spyder™ roadster as soon as possible. BRP and your dealer share this goal. We are working hard to complete the fall roadster shipment by the end of November, which includes a limited number of the Spyder roadsters sold prior to September 18, 2007.

For those who are included in this fall allocation shipment (see below)…yes, we are running a little behind our original internal estimated shipping dates for the fall and apologize for that delay. As you can appreciate, with any brand new product coming through its first production run and shipping process, some aspects relating to the Spyder commercialization took indeed longer to accomplish than our original best estimates, which is not unusual for new products coming through a first production run and shipping process. BRP believes that taking the extra time to get everything exactly right is very important to your satisfaction with Spyder and as such, we wanted to make sure that the units to be shipped would meet all of our quality standards. We know that you will appreciate our attention to details right from the start. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Our commitment is to always keep you informed with the latest news and updates, so please read on for important information regarding the shipment of Spyder roadsters…


BRP began selling its roadster last spring through authorized BRP Can-Am Spyder dealers in 11 states and 4 provinces. Each of our “Phase 1” Spyder dealers received an initial limited allocation as their share of our first two production runs (fall 2007 and winter 2008). This limited allocation was divided between the fall 2007, winter 2008 and spring 2008 shipment schedule. Prior to October 31st, we shipped a small portion of the limited fall allocation. This caused a flurry of speculation about who was receiving what and when.

The shipping process for the remaining fall allocation was initiated on October 31st with the target of completing such shipping and these roadsters are being delivered to dealers on or before the end of November. BRP's shipment philosophy has not changed: the first Spyder roadsters are distributed so that every Phase 1 dealer receives a limited number of units.

The balance of each dealer’s original allocation will arrive through either the winter shipment (arriving on or before the end of March 2008) or the spring shipment (arriving on or before the end of May 2008). We are pleased to report that, prior to July 15, 2007, many dealers sold more units than their original minimum allocation and as a result, their original winter and spring 2008 allocations were increased to include these additional units. According to his/her allocation, sales and deposit placement date with BRP, each dealer determines which orders are included in the fall 2007, winter 2008 or spring 2008 shipments. The dealer also chooses who gets the units as they are delivered.

Three important Facts about the BRP Shipping Process

During manufacturing, BRP cannot tell customers when their individual units are coming off the line, because no unit is assigned to anyone during production. Assignment of units to customers only occurs after delivery, when the dealer designates a specific VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) number to each specific buyer.
No one can provide advance notice to you of the exact date within each of our fall-winter-spring shipping periods that your order for a Spyder roadster will be filled, because our just-in-time production process means that dealers are notified of actual shipments on the way only a few days prior to actual delivery.
Units are shipped to dealers according to their allocation using the most effective distribution/logistics methods available to us. For example, we often combine loads of Spyder roadsters with other BRP products to optimize our shipping process to dealers.

If you put down a deposit down on a Spyder prior to July 15, 2007 (and if your dealer provided BRP with that deposit at that same time), then our present plan is for shipment to your dealer by the end of March 2008, but it could be earlier if your dealer included your order in the limited fall allocation. Only your dealer can confirm this timing to you.
If you put down a deposit down on a Spyder after July 15, 2007, but before September 18, 2007 (and if your dealer provided BRP with that deposit at that same time), then our present plan is for shipment to your dealer before the end of May 2008.
If you put down a deposit down on a Spyder after September 18, 2007 (and if your dealer provided BRP with that deposit at that same time), then our present plan is for shipment to your dealer for the end of May 2008, but if this changes in any way, we will notify you immediately.
Thank you for reading this information and for your cooperation — and thanks for being among the first consumers to buy a Spyder roadster!

Your Spyder Roadster Team
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