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Any idea if they changed the premiere build to 3000 from 2500? We've got a few customers that said they heard some people were getting Spyders in the 2600's and 2700's. Any word if this is a fact or not? Thanks!
Here is what Marc, the administrator of the Can-Am Talk forum says:

"I know there is a lot of interest and some confusion regarding first 2,500 Premier Edition owners in North America. I've done a little poking around on the subject and have some information that may clear up some of your questions. Marc Lacroix from BRP will be our guest for our March 30th Chat Session and this topic is open for further clarification there as well.

The 2500 "first owners" group was a North American promotion. It was intended for owners who actually pre-purchased a Spyder between Feb 9, 2007 and Sept 15, 2007 to be part of an exclusive club as owners of Premier Spyders. All in that group are entitled to the free jacket from BRP. The actual North American orders in the promotion time frame actually was slightly higher than 2500, as some have noted counting names on the map

The total Premier Edition Spyders produced for North America does exceed 2,500 and there are a few reasons for that. First, as mentioned above BRP pre-sold slightly more than 2500 before Sept 15th...but they were impressively close to 2500 given the time frame involved. Second, dealer demos are included in that range. Third, the demo tour units are also in that range...I know I saw at least 48 in Tampa. These tour demos are brand new production units because they will be traveling across America logging many tour miles in 2008. The 2007 demo units were "tired".

Buyers from outside North America (Europe, Australia, etc) have separate model numbers since there are differences in their Spyders (headlights, turn signals and license plate brackets, etc). They do not have the Premier Edition numbers on the handlebars. So, if you see a Spyder in Belgium with a serial number under 2,500, it is a different model and not part of the 2500.

So, what does all this mean? Some owners in North America will receive Premier Edition Spyders with serial numbers higher than 2500 (as we have seen with our own member braaap getting 2638). All are still part of the first 2,500+ Premier Edition owners in North America.

Hope this helps clear up some questions."

This is all academic to me, as I generally try to avoid buying the first year run of any kind of machine, and in fact have put a deposit down on a 2009 Spyder anyway, but there are some upset buyers who were counting on having a Spyder with a serial # under 2500. :(


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