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My hubby has been after me to ride with him. I've been really reluctant, but finally started being his back seat driver. He thought I'd be happier if I had "control" so he brought home a red and black 2009 RS. He was right. After a couple weeks of lessons, I took my first big voyage today. Drove 119 miles. Very fun and had a great time.

He said I could fix it however I wanted and I want a radio. I have ordered a Jensen JHD910 radio. Now I have to get some speakers. Well, I'm stumped. I don't know anything and I don't know what to order.

I see speakers with different watts, some have a build in amplifier and some have a separate amplifier with a separate remote for volume.

Hubby said he'd install, but I'm totally lost as what to get. Could any of you please educate me as to what kind of speaker I would need with this radio?

I'd sure appreciate it.

Thanks so much

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