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After looking at some of the High priced riser kits , I bought a set of good old fashioned Bog bone 4 " risers for $14.95 (including shipping) and spent a little over 2 hrs putting them on, turned out to be rather simple operation and heck of alot cheaper than the "$200+ kits) I did cheat a little, I used the same directions to put on the KITS. but used my "dog bones. Hardest part was finding some thick walled 7/8 OD pipes. and painting them Black. Only tools I needed was a a couple of Allen wrenches, pipe cutter and spray paint, and a cold beer while admiring my savings and I do believe they look pretty cool. and with the savings I can buy a few more toys for the spyder,
Only Drawback was when The wife came home . Shes now demanding I do hers. :D:)
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