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I rode an Electra Glide for 5 years. It was my first bike at an older age to boot. Sold it almost 2 years ago. Watching tv one night and along came a Spyder ad and I just had to look at it close up. Wound up buying and it has been a blast. I'm 66 have had it about 2 months and have 1400 miles so far. Wife loves riding on it too! The stability is great. Fast as you want it to be and steering is never a problem. Don't hold on to the bars too tight let the Spyder do it's thing. You seem to have a handle on a great buy...I would not let it pass. As far as the buddies on the HD's who really cares what they think? You ride for yourself. I have HD and other riders wave on the road we are all riders. Not really a mc? Ha! Be prepared to be a rock star when you stop for gas or park at a store or restaurant. I have not had one single negative remark, most of the comments are nice bike, wow, that's different, how do you like it, I bet that's more stable than 2 wheels, I could go on and on but you get the picture. I have no regrets buying my Spyder and it puts a smile on my face every time I saddle up. If your wife will feel better about you not being on 2 wheels what better reason is there? In the long run YOU will feel better about it too! There will be a transition period because there is no lean but hell you'll be cornering like a cat in no time. I vote for buy it before it's gone!
I'm 78, have 7100 + miles on my RT and agree with this youg'n!!!:cool:
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