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I've had a new SE5 for about 3 weeks and have had a lot of problems...not to scare you off, but in case you run into these things, you might have an idea of what to do. When I took it in for its first service they found that the transmission filter had collapsed. I'd only had it for 2 weeks then so that's not normal. After it was serviced I noticed that the gears were messing up and finally it froze and I couldn't get it out of the gear it got stuck in. The dealer had to come and get it and found that the solenoid was no good after talking to BRP. BRP was contacted and they said that they will be sending out letters about this so that the solenoids that they have put in can be replaced! The new part is different apparently and also has to have new wiring for it. I also saw on their website that the power steering is having problems and they are still checking into that. There is a software download that your dealer will have for the power steering problem. The parking brake keeps it from rolling forward, but it WILL roll backwards!! BRP told me that earlier bikes had a brake spring problem but didn't think the newer ones had a problem. Mine does! The breaks squeak! BRP told me that there are new brake pads for that problem. I sure hope I'm not going to have to pay for any of these things. One thing though, BRP seems to be backing up their product. They documented everything that I told them and will be following up on the matter. I'll let you know what happens with that. Maybe I just got hold of a "lemon!"
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