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I have had my Spyder RT for just over 35 days and 4000 Miles, I have had a recurring problem with the Reverse not working. Keep replacing the fuse and several days or miles later the fuse blows again. Now the fuse will not survive being plugged in. Direct Short.

If I disconnect the Trailer harness the reverse works but I loose my running lights in the back of the bike. Fuse does not blow!

In inspecting the harness I found that the belt had cut thru the wiring where it was hanging beside the saddle bag. I repaired the damaged wires and still cannot keep the fuses from blowing.

I am assuming that the module for the trailer has a direct short, either from the cut wires or being initially defective.

Dealer has been no help. They do not sell the harness separately and they will not assume responsibility for the placement of the wiring harness near the belt.

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