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Removed Rear Fender

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One of the neat things I saw at the Homecoming was this dealer modified Spyder which they had removed the rear fender, and modified the belt guard:

I asked the driver if he got a "muddy backside" and he said surprisingly, it seemed to make no difference. If he didn't get sprayed in the rain from Lake George to the Canadian border... it must be "OK"

It was a beautiful Spyder, completely repainted in a Dark Anthracite/Charcoal Gray with a modified exhaust as well. The picture does not do it justice:

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I think he actually has this spyder for sale now. No listing in the post as to why, but it is the same spyder from the color...
I think he actually has this spyder for sale now. No listing in the post as to why, but it is the same spyder from the color...
The rider said it was the dealers Spyder, so I'd guess the dealer is selling it after they modified it. It is a very good looking Ryde.
If you want to remove the rear fender, as I did on 2333, look at the site I got my plate relocation kit and a few other things there, and they are working on all kinds of stuff for the Spyder.
I think the rear fender is one of the best parts of the spyder! I have also mounted a much smaller number plate so it shows off the rear tyre better.
rear fender

where can I get that belt guard does anyone know
When I talked to the fellow, he said they made it themselves, it was a dealers Spyder. I thought I got his card, I'll dig through my stuff to see if I can find it.
rear fender

If you can find his name and number I would greatful thank you

our dealer sells them like that along with the regular way. its a kit you can order
rear belt guard

What is the dealers name so I can order it I found a company in new york but they didnt return my e-mail or phone call please give dealer name and part numder if you can thank you

Anyone have the part number for the belt guard kit.
belt guard

I found the shop that made it in new york it is but so far that have not returned my e-mail or returned my call maybe you will have better luck lol if so oreder me one to
removed rear fender 6/22/08

Would you please reply with the name of the company/dealer along with the phone number or contact address of the party making the belt guard shown in the picture on your post? Thankyou, decepticon
Rear Fender Removal

Just tried this yesterday, since it was raining. Drove to foodlion which is 1/2 mile drive and the back of my spider was covered with road dirt. Also covered the sides as well. Granted my bike is yellow, which is going to show a lot more. Also my back of my jacket also got dirt and water spray on it to.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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