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Welcome to the forum from North Carolina. Glad you decided to join us.
As far as reliability, you will find responses and articles from never any issues to this trike is a complete piece of crap. It appears that maintenance is a key issue. So try to purchase one that has receipts showing it was maintained.
I have purchased 5 used bikes in the last 7 years and all were very low mileage. The issue with some owners is lack of maintenance because of the low mileage.
Coolant, oil, and brake fluid change are sometimes not done according to schedule. So if not done, factor this maintenance into the purchase price.

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Thinking of getting 2018 rt read some reports not a reliable motorcycle?
The '18 models seem to have a problem with the control cluster on the left handlebar a LOT more than one would expect.
And that repair can run near to $1000.
Also it might be included in the recent front sprocket recall.

Other than that, I don't think they are any less reliable than bikes overall.
Service can be expensive though.

Note: If you want an integrated audio system, where radio,GPS, intercom and CB all come to your helmet on a cord
2017 was the last year that they offered that. '18 and up requires a smart phone and bluetooth headset and is a problem for a LOT of people.
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