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I''m the VP of the Sidecar Racers Association - we are an eastern Canada & US based organisation with members from Hamilton to Boston. Our website is
We currently race at tracks in Shannonville, Summit Point - West Virginia, and New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

We will also be doing a demonstration race at Cayuga in September 2010.

Our bikes are all modern F1 (1000cc) & F2 bikes (600cc), some of them have even raced around the Isle of Man TT.

I'd like to think that there is an obvious connection between the high performance machines that you ride on the street and the ones we ride on the track.

It would be nice if we could strike up a relationship between our organisation and any Spyder owners clubs out there. Maybe even have some ride-outs to the racetrack to show off your bikes.

We have father/daughter, and husband/wife teams that race with us and it's an absolute blast doing this at over 140 MPH.

Any relationships that we could build would be appreciated.

You can email me at [email protected]

Safe riding all !

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