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Questions from Kentucky

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I currently have a HD Road King Classic and an Indian and am considering buying a Spyder, but I have a few questions. From reading the postings it appears that the SE5 has a few problems with the electronic shifting. I was wondering if that was only on the earlier models and has it been corrected on the 2009s? I also read about some overheating problems and was wondering if that was on the earlier models as well?

I do all of my own maintenance on my motorcycles and I read that there is a lot of maintenance on the Spyders. Is this true and if you are a shade tree mechanic is this something that you can do yourself? Is there anything other than oil change, transmission fluid, and antifreeze that you have to maintain.

Thank you for any information that you can provide.
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I have a 2009 SE5, almost 3,000 miles, no problems shifting. As far as maintenance, if your inclined to do it yourself, it shouldn't be a problem, but you will have to get OEM parts from the dealer, no aftermarkets available yet. I've had my spyder apart several times, most fasteners are either Torx head screws or Zeus fasteners, no problem to remove. As far as overheating, I had some initial problems, but after adding a cool air intake, any problems disappeared. These bikes do come standard with a 3 year warrenty. These really are good bikes and very easy to handle, my wife loves riding on this bike as a passenger, she's even considering getting her own license.
The "Cycle" parts of the Spyder are certainly maintainable by any shade tree mechanic. The car like pieces are pretty simple as well. The biggest difference is the high level of electronics with the stability control, ABS, electric power steering, but the good news is all this has been pretty dependable, so other than the occasional warranty paid for "flash" these should not need any attention. Most of the SE5 teething pains seem to be gone now.
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