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I have a 2010 can-am RTR Spyder roadster. My head lights when set on low beams day or night will flash to high beams for a few seconds. It does not matter if the road is bumpy or smooth it happens on city or county or thurway roads. Has any one else had this problem please contact me. at [email protected]
If your headlights are not adjusted properly, and your rear suspension is not set stiff enough, the headlights will have that effect on low beams. The projector lenses focus the light, and it may see as though the lights are going to high beam, when they are just being aimed higher as you traverse over minor dips and bumps, or shift into a higher gear.
The high beams are always on and there is a shutter on them which focuses the light to a low beam configuration. You should be able to hear the shutters if the lights are indeed going from low to high beam.
Test the shutters while setting still to see if you can hear them and see what they do.
If you feel that they are not working or working overtime, I suggest that you see your dealer.
Good luck C-YA RL
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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