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Pre-Purchase questions...

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Good day. My wife and I have decided to get a blue RT-S and matching trailer.

Like most folks we do not want to make a purchase without finding out where the best place to purchase one. So......

What is a reasonable price? We have seen prices vary by $5k+...

Is an extended warranty a good idea or not for this bike?

Should we buy one from another state to save the $5k or buy locally? We realize the shipping cost and tax issues... and we still save the $5k. We are going of the asking price, not final out the door pricing.

And what about the GPS.. $1200 is out of the question. We already have the Same GPS unit from Garmin... Can we just get the mount and wiring? And does this mount allow for easy on off removal?

Two of the local shops we looked at are asking for more than the MSRP... This bothers me. I am used to MSRP and then a friendly haggle and we both are happy. Originally I hoped to purchase the RTS @MSRP but have the trailer included... Basically $28k including trailer out the door. But from what I have seen locally, they want $28-$29k just for the bike!

At the end of the day we want to support our local shops of course, but this is our first "Expensive" want. After 16+ years of marriage, and tight funds we simply want to purchase one and be happy about the deal and the continued service afterwords...

We are in Washington State and have 5-6 dealers in the state. When we go to make this purchase we have no issue with traveling to get it. Or having it shipped. For us, this is our idea of an RV. But a bit more realistic and will be used as a daily commuter 4-6 months out of the year...

Man I hope all this makes since.... ;)
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We have several dealers here in texas, So when I was ready to buy.. I went to 3 of them... 2 of which wanted msrp and the other one came down some.... So I bought it there one the spot... Got 600 mi on it now and lovin it...
I got lucky, I went to a dealership and got in writing what they would sell me the Bike for, I went to the dealership closest to my house and they matched the price, I paid for the bike + tax + license+dealer prep.

I have since learned that my Dealerships quota for the year has been cut by 70%, I don't think others are going to get as good of a deal, but that could depend on each dealerships sales volume vs overhead.

I ordered an extended warranty and also a prepaid service maintenance agreement. I plan on putting about 12-16K miles a year on it.

My dealership did not have any of the Can-Am clothing yet, but I found a good web site that I ordered the accessories at a very good discount.

I had to order and pay for my accessories separately, I got the whole package,GPS,CB,XM radio, also make sure you get the fog lights too, not sure if it comes standard on the Orbital blue.

My dealership was reasonable on putting the extra items on.

In the end , did I cut the best deal I could have, nope. There was probably still some wiggle room, but I am so happy with the service I rec'd and the service department.

good luck in your purchase
regards, ticketbait
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Have you and your wife test ridden one? I strongly suggest that you do! This is a huge purchase and it won't make sense if you don't like it a month after you buy it no matter how good the deal is.:)
I agree with the Grays......if you read some of my posts, you will see that my experience is not as rosie as what my imagination led me to believe. Originally, I thought the "used market" was going to be flooded with second hand Goldwing trikes, where this new and exciting RT-S had moved in to take over carting us old farts around. Anyone want to trade your BMW K1200LT trike for a 2010 Blue RT-S? Email me.
I live in Orange co. NY, there are 2 dealers, each an hour away. I called one and they told me they had no RT's and it would take 6 weeks to get one. Called the other one, a small place that deals in nothing but Can Am products. They told me they dad one in stock and could get me the one I wanted in 2 weeks. Went to see them and gave me a price of almost $1,000 of retail. Done deal. Point of this is check out the little guy. Better personal service, and they have to stay in business.
Where was the smaller dealer

Where was the smaller dealer? I live in NW Jersey.
Spyder wanted

The classified section would not let me post a wanted ad for a Spyder.

Maybe the administrator can tell me how. Or transfer this post to the proper section.

Arctic Adventures, Rosendale, NY. Seven miles north of New Paltz on Rt.32
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