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Potential New Buyer Needs Advice

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Background - long term 2-wheel rider (most recently BMW GSs, Triumphs, Hondas) - who has a bad knee after 5 surgeries (4 unnecessary if the first one had worked). Sigh. But that is the case and I am where I am. I am 6'2", 240 (post Covid) lbs, and can only bend my left knee 70 degrees or so comfortably - so I need to stretch out a bit. If I want to continue to ride I need a DCT or automatic and the stability of a 3-wheeler. I ride 70% 2-up with my wife who loves to ride. I sat on a '21 Spider Limited and it worked.

  • How many of you have migrated from a 2-wheeler?
  • What was the transition like (in terms of ease and time to get comfortable)?
  • How does the experience change?
  • Do you miss the lean and 2-wheels?

Thanks so much,

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Welcome David.
A LOT of new vehicles seem to be in short supply right now, Spyders included, so discounts are hard to find.

I rode "real" motorcycles for about 50 years.
I HATED the different geometry and feel of the Spyder at first.
It took me about 6 months and a couple of thousand miles and some "fixes" before I got comfortable.

Now I have learned to live with it but it is a different experience.

Do not buy one without some test rides.
The first one might actually be somewhat scary......IF you actually learned to ride on 2 wheels properly.
TEST RIDE for sure! Almost drove mine into a new SEADOO trying to turn out of the parking lot! Took me about 3 hrs to get myself together so I could ride it home - about an hour from NOLA. Owner was great and let one of the mechanics take me to a parking lot to figure it out enough to get home.
HI, 22 years racing and 62 years total riding owned over 50 motorcycles. 77 years old took about 1000 miles to get acquainted. It is absolutely as much fun as two wheels. A nice upside is more visibility and stability.
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