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Welcome David.
A LOT of new vehicles seem to be in short supply right now, Spyders included, so discounts are hard to find.

I rode "real" motorcycles for about 50 years.
I HATED the different geometry and feel of the Spyder at first.
It took me about 6 months and a couple of thousand miles and some "fixes" before I got comfortable.

Now I have learned to live with it but it is a different experience.

Do not buy one without some test rides.
The first one might actually be somewhat scary......IF you actually learned to ride on 2 wheels properly.
TEST RIDE for sure! Almost drove mine into a new SEADOO trying to turn out of the parking lot! Took me about 3 hrs to get myself together so I could ride it home - about an hour from NOLA. Owner was great and let one of the mechanics take me to a parking lot to figure it out enough to get home.
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