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Playing music from USB stick

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I've had it with trying to deal with Bluetooth music on my 2018 Spyder F3T. It's difficult to connect. it doesn't always play when I shut off the bike and restart it, and so far it's just died three times for no apparent reason. My Bluetooth player on my phone works great in my car, and doesn't have any of these problems, so it's not the phone or the phone app.

I'd like to put my music library on a USB stick and bypass Bluetooth completely, but I've never gotten the bike to see the USB drive, and I've tried many, many times. I formatted the 16GB stick for FAT 32, tried copying the MP3 files using both Windows and Linux, and I've mounted the drive as a portable device and deleted the system volume information folder. Absolutely nothing works.

I'd greatly appreciate ANY help getting a USB drive to work for playing music. It appears BRP Connect is no longer available on Google Play, so I'm using BRP Go, which doesn't work for a lot of things. Bombardier completely screwed up Android Auto to the point that Go apps are unusable.

If USB music won't work with BRP Go and I need to install BRP Connect on my Motorola (Lenovo) Moto G7 (Android 10)
and anyone knows of a source for BRP Connect software for Android 10 that can sideload, I'd really appreciate it. I'm pretty technical, and have done sideloading before. If I'm missing something for playing from USB, I'd love to hear about it.

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Don't get the wrong idea. I'm not talking about audiophile sound quality at all. I just want it loud enough to hear the music around town, and on country backroads, without the distortion that makes me want to turn it off. I don't expect to hear the music on busy interstates with lots of traffic.

I hope at least a few folks can benefit from my experience. Maybe save some money by not buying aftermarket stereo speakers and an amplifier, but by optimizing the source MP3 files instead.

Thanks for your comment.
I have a 16 rtl downloaded songs on usb stick plays good.
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