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Hey all!

Just a couple of items.

1) Just filled up (not too low, but what the heck) and used 1.75 gallons for 78 miles of riding. Not too bad! Now the caveat: I am in no way, shape or form a hotrodder when it comes to riding. I am a putter. I rarely get above 6000 rpm and cruise at 65 mph. My miles are highway miles as the nearest town is 25 miles away, so these factors are probably responsible for my above average mileage. It goes to show ya though, the Spyder can get decent mileage.

2) The 1" riser I added is paying dividends for my back issues, as are the lowered pegs helping my knees.

3) You'll notice my bags are utilizing the passenger pegs so two-up is not happening.

4) I am riding about 250 miles a week (pleasure) and this thing is STILL a hoot!

5) Pics are in my Gallery section as I haven't figured out how to post them on this thread! :cool:

Anyway, keep three down!
ps- what do you all think of a white Spyder? Haven't seen that color yet!

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To post pics in your posts that are located in your gallery, you can do the following:

Go to the image you would like to post

Right click on the image

Click on the "Properties" from the drop down menu

You'll see a big box pop up

Copy the "Location", in this case: h ttp:// (I put the space after the "H" so you can see it in this post)

Then go to the post

click the little square with the mountain in it

paste in what you copied

Click OK.... and wa-la!


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My "custom" footrests! With both feet up it feels like a Lazyboy! LOL!

PS- thanks for the pic post help, Spyderman!
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