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I'm new here because I recently acquired a 2013 Spyder ST-S SE5 that has never been ridden.
Previous owner had lost the use of his legs and purchased this to add the hand brake kit so he could ride it.
He disassembled it and it sat for 7 years until he sadly passed away.
His sister inherited it and sold it to me in virtual kit form.
Had to roll it 2 miles on dollies because the keys are lost and the steering was locked.

My first task is to get the key thing figured out. I ordered a new switch with keys but now I'm reading there is a lot more to it.

Does anyone know of a dealer who specializes in these beasts in the Phoenix area?

I have spoken with a couple and they are clueless.
I called CAN-AM (BRP) direct and the person I got wasn't even sure what to do.
Told me to have the dealer call their rep etc.

Looking forward to riding this. Should be an interesting change from my 2 wheel bikes.

Phil from Mesa, AZ


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This might be an expensive proposition.

With both keys missing, a computer board AND the ignition lock AND the rear tumblers (if there is a rear lock) all need to be replaced.....along with the 2 chipped keys.

You need to find a Can-AM authorized Spyder dealer, take to to their service department and insist that they FIND OUT what to do.
Expect to pay between $600 and $1000.
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