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October 29, 2007
Tour News

Spyder owners will soon be receiving their personalized membership card and membership number in the mail. The SpyderRyder community offers a fast, easy way to keep up on the latest info and news, interact with other Spyder owners, share riding experiences and even post pictures. SpyderRyder membership will also offer Spyder-specific exclusive events, safety riding courses and other privileged services.

Be sure to keep your membership card with you as you ride.

Upcoming Spyder owners group exclusive experiences include activities at:

* Quaker Steak Bike Night, Clearwater, FL, October 31
* California Bike Week & Love Ride, Pomona, CA, November 10-11
* Motor Trend International Auto Show, Orlando, FL, November 17-18
* International Motorcycle Show, San Mateo, CA, November 17
* Bert’s Mega Mall, Los Angeles, CA, November 24-25

Be sure to check back on for details on what the experience will be and how to register.
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