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Parking brake info.

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I have had several spyders with hard to disengage parking brakes. There is now a parking brake recall for this issue.
I have also had several spyders with inop parking brakes. I haven't figured out why so many are failing so quick yet. I don't see any signs of driving with the brake on, which would be hard to do with the light on the gauge. But if you lose parking brake pressure, adjust the cable at the rear caliper. If the cable is out of adjusting room, remove the linkage arm, rotate the splines shaft clockwise until pressure is felt and align the linkage arm so that it is parallel to the stopper plate. Then adjust the cable as needed. Be sure not to have the parking brake drag when disengaged. Sometimes it is hard to tell. Roll the spyder every few turns of the adjuster and feel for the same ease of rolling.
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Have they issued the repair kit yet. I told my dealer about the recall and when I called them this past week, they hadn't received the kit yet.
The recall kit is available. it is certain VIN ranges i recently found out though. They should be able to order the kit for you if your VIN is in the specified range.
if it is not in the range, a little trick that seemed to help the issue for me was loosening the nut on the bolt just a little bit which holds the weight for the parking brake pedal. the weight is the little grey piece which clicks into the teeth of the stop plate. I did that a few times before the recall and it seemed to make it better.
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