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Over reving engine.

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G'day mates.I bought my Spyder SE5 in may and have been loving the riding experiance.
However just recently ive noticed a couple of problems starting to arise with the gears not changing from 1st to 2nd. I pull up at the traffic lights and the gears hold second (even though ive stopped and foot hard on the brake) the engine over revs( up to 2000 revs) and then after some 2 to 3 seconds it clunks into first gear.once the revs die down i select neuteral and it revs up again and then dies down. Also in addition to that some times the revs stay slightly elevated cornering at the lower speeds such as 2nd and 3rd.
These problems only seem to occour after the engine has warmed up to max temp after a good long ride through the hills ect or through city traffic.
hate to see what its going to be like in summer.
Has anyone else experianced this problem.
Ill be taking it back to the dealer this week, hopefully they can sort it out.
myspyder. Australia.
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Here in America many Spyder's has that problem, and we all have to get our gear position switch (called GPS for short) changed and it is under warrantee.
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