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My wife and I recently purchase a 2008 spyder with 462 miles on the odometer. It is in fantastic shape and obviously well cared for. Both my wife and I rode it and decided it was time to fill it with fuel. There lies the problem, we were unable to unlock the seat latch to raise the seat to access the fuel tank. I got the owners manual and read it, I could open the front trunk but I could not turn the key to the right 1/4 turn as the instructions advised to gain access. I contacted our closest dealership and they instructed me to press down on the ignition key and turn to the right. No such luck! Saturday morning I rode it over there and to their surprise they could not release the seat either. Has anyone experienced this before?
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Have not this happen to me but I've heard about it.

Usually just a matter of lubing the cable and perhaps adjusting the seat post.
It can help to press down on the seat while turning the key if the seat post is not adjusted correctly but you should have no trouble after the dealer gets done with it.

If it happens again, know that if you remove/loosen the tupperware on the right side of the bike there by the seat you can reach a hand up there and move the latch.

Some have installed a pull wire hooked to the latch that is accesable in a discreet location, this is particularly handy for the trunk latch as you are likely to put your keys in a jacket pocket and then lock the jacket in the trunk. Not that that's ever happened to me mind you :rolleyes:

Some have installed electric lock solinoids on trunk and seat and then hide the button and avoid the key altogether.......just how crazy do you want to get? :eek:
I have GAS!

The dealer found the problem and resolved. Seems the seat latch cable at the ignition switch had slid out of its groove just enough so that the switch could not pull up on the cable. I was there when the mechanic removed the plastic cover on the back of the handle bars to expose the ignition switch, wiring, and seat/trunk cables. Seems the seat cable end had moved enough to prevent the ignition switch from being able to pull up on the cable when you pressed down on the key. I decided to have the oil changed and the 500 mile service done while it was there. It is a 2008 model and I am not sure how long the oil had been in it. All is good and I fabricated a piece of coat hanger if I have the problem again. Electric solenoids will be next if it happens again.
I saw this yesterday and that was the first thing I checked when my Spyder was delivered this morning, tank was low. Worked great thank goodness. Although it was only about 10*(with the windchill below that) but I had to take it down the road...1 mile was about enough without a helmet and warm riding gear. Put Hippo hands on it after I pulled it into the shop.Now I am just looking it over and correlating all the info in the manual with the bike.

2008 SM5, decked out;
Corbin seats,saddlebags and screens
6 spoke wheels
I-pod amp system
(may be more,but won't know until I finish looking it over)
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