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not yet but maybe

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I currently have a 2017 Harley tri-glide but i will be having lower back surgery for the second time. fellow riders say that their spyders are the must comfortable ride ever. What are some of this groups thoughts and opinions . Thanks
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Just like HD there are many seating variations between models and years, be4tty. Spyder Clubs are an easy to view and try.
I had back surgery on L4 & L5. Installed a wedge and a little metal cage. The vertebrae was crushing the sciatic nerve. The surgery cured the pain but was left with drop foot and cannot shift or hold up 800 lbs of bike anymore.

The Spyder F3S with the automatic was the solution. It’s different but it keeps me riding. I find it comfortable even with the stock seat.

If you buy one would suggest getting a 2015 and up with the 3 cylinder engine. The older ones are starting to have parts availability and dealer service refusal issues.

Here is a link that discusses all the models and equipment.

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