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Northwest Florida, Lower Alabama Spyder Riders

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So I figure there are at least 5 in the area:

sabunim5 in Gulf Breeze (Silver Spyder)
wbbrn1952 in Pensacola (Silver Spyder)
shunkmanitu in Alabama (Red Spyder)
Me, Kalavera in Pensacola (Red Spyder)
my wife "Littlebit"(she hadnt signed on here yet) in Pensacola (Silver Spyder)

I remember seeing a Silver Spyder off of Hwy 98 at a Dr's Office and another Silver one at Energy Systems and another at the VA. Unless those belong to someone I already mentioned there are 3 more Spyder Riders in the area. Anyone wanna meet up of hang at one of the Bike nites? If one Spyder catches the eyes of a lotta people, imagine if 4 or more of us rode in together...
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I heard a rumor that there will be two spyders in Pensacola's Christmas Parade in down town pensacola, December 13th
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