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Hi folks !

This is Steve from North Texas area. After riding a Harley for 20 years, and a Honda VTX 1800 for 6 more, I traded the Honda on a Polaris Slingshot about 4 years ago. I loved the Slingshot, it was a very cool car, but that was the problem: it was a car !! I really missed riding bikes, so last week I traded the Slingshot for a new (to me) 2018 Spyder F3-T.

I really like the Spyder, although I'd prefer a six speed with a hand clutch instead of the semi automatic transmission. I'm getting more accustomed the semi, and I might like it better in time.

I also found out an interesting bit of information about the sound system, which leaves a lot to be desired compared to the Slingshot (naturally, the Slingshot is a car !) but also compared to my previous bikes. I'll post that separately.

Anyway, Howdy from North Texas, and I'm looking forward to a lot of fun with my new toy !!!

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