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OK, new to the forum. I bought #3008 in yellow from the folks in West Virginia, and have had an interesting time getting into the way it works. Even though it is old for a Spyder, I have only 4,000 miles on it. It is something else for sure.
My motorcycle experience has taken me across the US twice solo, on a BMW and a Suzuki. 700 mile days were no problem. But the Spyder requires a fair amount of input to ride... or do we drive these? It is a good workout to push it as I hold on with my legs and feet so as to allow my arms/hands to sort of float with the bumps, etc and not tug on the bars as it negotiates the curve. On fairly quick bumpy corners, the inside front tends to come off the ground when one gets into the throttle. I guess this is what is fun, huh?
The sound is great with the Hindle exhaust, and I wonder if this does give a couple horses extra. I am certain Mr. Hindle up there in Ontario would say so.
My other toys include a DR650 Suzuki, Porsche, Allegro Bus, and... now a trailer to carry my Can Am where ever I go!

Thanks for letting me be on the forum,


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We're glad that you found us!! :D You might find that using your knees to grip the sides of the "tank" will help with the cornering...
You're so right; they are different! :D
(And if you're lifting the inside wheel often, maybe you should head out to the Dragon's tale... over 300 curves in only 11 miles! :eek:)

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