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Purchased a 2010 Orbital Blue Spyder RTS SE5 from RideNow Rancho Friday evening. Got OTD at $24,500 with a flip face helmet and delivery to the house since I didn't have my M license yet.

I didn't see I got spanked with about a $1200 of dealer prep, freight, and other queep, so I probably could have worked another $500 off. Oh well. Regardless of how the money is spread around, I think I did OK.

Actually got my license Saturday after completing the MSF course Friday. Anyone who knows Vegas DMV system knows the Decatur DMV can takes days from your life. Saturday was different. Walked in right to the counter. No line (typically hours long and out the door). Explained my Ohio license was currently being renewed by mail. The tech looked it up. Found me valid due to being in the military and got my Nevada license application done in less than 10 minutes. Guess it was my day.

Looking forward to reading and posting in the forum. Thanks for having me aboard.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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