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New rt owner

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Just bought the rt last week. We traded both our bikes for this one. We are planning a cross country trip and will both be driving the new rt. So far we have no regrets and are enjoying the ride.:) Our question is this--we own a chatterbox system, gps and nano so we did not buy the audio system. With a bit of regret, we are now trying to decide how to use the chatterbox and whether or not to install an am/fm radio system. Should we use the can am accessory or is there an aftermarket system that can be installed. The quote to install the am/fm plus rear speakers was a little over $1,000. There must be a better way because now we are saving to buy the hitch and cart. Any suggestions out there
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we have the RT (audio and conv pack) and the am/fm ipod connecton works good, but we also have the q2 headsets which has built-in fm radio. It sure would be nice it there was a bluetooth from the spyder system that could match up to the q2's.

Anyone out there have any Ideas.
I have the same

I have had my RT-S for about 3 weeks now and ordered it with the CB / Comm. system. We bought the JDM helmet setup from the Can-Am dealer and used the recommended patch cords into the Spyders jacks. Works great but would be even better with a bluetooth capability for the cell phone. Something odd with the Ipod playing...I can seem to change "albums" while underway...just keeps cycling throught whatever one was playing last. What do you think of the freeway speed cornering on your new machine? I STILL pinch up little cones on the seat, while it darts around barely under control:eek:
I have the bluetooth connection to my cell phone through the helment..
I don't have the squrileness but seems like everything is more touchy at say 70mph than slower. I have gotten acustomed to the lateral forces issues.
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