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First my name is James, I own a vehicle wrap company in kansas city. I'm a huge car guy, currently own a 700rwhp toyota supra, 850rwhp fox body mustang and a few other (more boring vehicles). I recently decided to replace my harley with a rs-s, i took delivery of it friday (after a 1383 mile round trip to pick it up). I put over 100 miles on it the first day i got it home and i am loving it more every time i ride it!
living in KC has some benefits, no helmet law but more importantly many great high performance manufactures are based here. ATI procharger, NANO nitrous, aeromotive fuel systems, aerocharger. ive already spoken to the last vendor on that list about there turbo system for the spyder, and i hope to have one on mine within the next 30-45days. I hope to see more cool aftermarket stuff for the spyder!! these things are awesome and need more support!!!

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