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I have owned my 2010 RS-S for 3 weeks. I love it...except it has been in the shop for 2 of 3 weeks!

It started with intermittant DPS warnings and check engine light. It went on and off several times. The shop said "no big deal" just bring it in when you get a chance. I took it in for my new Ultra windsshield, Custom risers and throttle lock. I also asked the to check the DPS
When I picked up the bike with all the new goodies, the warning light was still on. The service guy said it was ok to ride it but I said no way am I riding a brand new bike with a check engine light.
Turns out it does have a bad sensor in the DPS and the part is on back order. No body knows how long it will take.

My dissapointment in CAN AM is HUGE!
Are these the kinds of things I can expect as a new owner of a Can AM?:mad:

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Sorry to hear of your difficulties. CanAm is usually pretty good about getting parts to the dealers quickly, but occasionally like all manufacturers, they are limited by their suppliers. Hopefully when the part arrives, after a few good long rides all will be better!
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